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Technical Committees

Committee Workshops

In addition to the full day of meetings, some Technical Committees will present workshops, which are open to all interested delegates. Workshops are required for every committee that is starting a new mandate, so that the work will appropriately reflect international requirements and conditions. Similarly, when a committee has completed a draft Bulletin, they present their approaches and findings to obtain feedback from a broad representation of ICOLD delegates. The workshop program will be determined early in 2019, depending on the progress of the Technical Committees.

Open Committee Meetings

As part of the program for the 87th Annual Meeting, all delegates are invited to attend the meetings of ICOLD Technical Committees as observers, to gain insight into the development of the ICOLD Technical Bulletins that are so influential on dam engineering and development practices around the world.


A Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams
B Seismic Aspects of Dam Design
C Hydraulics for Dams
D Concrete Dams
E Embankment Dams
F Engineering Activities with the Planning Process for Water Resources Projects
G Environment
H Dam Safety
I Public Safety Around Dams
J Sedimentation of Reservoirs
K Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs
L Tailings Dams and Waste Lagoons
LE Levees
M Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams
N Public Awareness and Education
O World Register of Dams and Documentation
P Cemented Material Dams
Q Dams Surveillance
S Flood Evaluation and Dam Safety
T Prospective and New Challenge for Dams and Reservoirs in the 21st Century
U Dams and River Basin Management
V Hydromechanical Equipment
W Selection of Dam Type
Y Climate Change
Z Capacity Building and Dams