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Invitation from the president

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Central Office of the International Commission on Large Dams / Commission Internationale des Grands Barrages (ICOLD/CIGB), it is an honour for me to invite our National Committees to send delegates and their accompanying persons to the 87th Annual Meeting of ICOLD.  This meeting will be held June 9 to 14, 2019 in the beautiful city of Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

The ICOLD National Committee of Canada – the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) – has prepared a wonderful program in an exciting venue for this meeting.  With almost 1000 large dams, including mega-projects such as Muskrat Falls Dam, Complex La Romaine to the East and Site C Dam to the West, Canada has much to be proud of for its development of dams for hydropower and mining, and much to share with the world.  As part of this meeting, CDA has organized an important professional Symposium entitled “Sustainable and Safe Dams Around the World” with relevant topics on dams (water and tailings) and levees.

For many years CDA has been a leading proponent for dam safety, providing excellent guidelines within Canada and support to other ICOLD countries.  Unfortunately, our dams and hydropower industry has seen several high-profile dam failures or near-failures around the world in the last few years.  As we struggle to understand the variety of causes for these incidents, it is important that our industry comes together for open discussions so that all countries and individual engineers in our profession can learn, thus seeking to avoid future costly repeats of these unfortunate events.

This 87th ICOLD Annual Meeting will be an excellent opportunity for more than 1000 delegates, from the 100 ICOLD member countries to come together and collaborate. We will partake in high quality technical meetings; enjoy social gatherings; and cherish many happy smiles at our “annual reunion” in 2019.

I wish safe travels to all of our delegates and their families as they journey from near and far to come together in peace and unity for the betterment of all dams around the world.

Warmest regards,

Michael F. Rogers

President, International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD/CIGB)

What is ICOLD?

The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) is a non-governmental international organization which provides a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering. ICOLD is a leader in setting standards and guidelines to ensure that dams are built and operated safely, efficiently and economically, and are environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. Every year, ICOLD holds an Annual Meeting and Symposium in a selected country.

ICOLD membership consists of the National Committees of more than 100 countries. The Canadian Dam Association (CDA) is the National Committee representing Canada. All CDA members have access to the benefits of the ICOLD organization.

Technical Committees of ICOLD are the heart of the organization. Membership on each Committee is determined by the needs of the Committee and the countries that choose to be represented. An important part of the annual ICOLD event is the opportunity for all delegates to observe the meetings and workshops of the Technical Committees and interact with experts from other countries.