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Post Meeting Study Tours

Participants are encouraged to extend their stay in Canada as part of the post-conference study tours. These tours will include trips within Ontario, Québec and British Columbia in order to visit some of Canada’s most interesting dams, hydropower projects and mining sites over the course of 3 to 4 days.

See descriptions below
in single room*
in double room*
ST1 – Ontario (June 15-17) – SOLD OUT
Ottawa – Cornwall – Gananoque – Niagara Falls – Toronto
$1,247 $923
ST2 – Ontario (June 15-17)
Ottawa – Val d’Or – Timmins – Sudbury – Toronto
$1,620 $1,400
ST3 – British Columbia (June 16-18)
Vancouver – Lac Le Jeune – Kamloops – Vancouver
$1,648 $1,496
ST4 – Quebec (June 15-18)
Ottawa – Beauharnois – La Romaine – Montréal
(min/max): 15
(min/max): 15
ST5 – Quebec (June 15-17)
Ottawa – Carillon – Shawinigan – Charlevoix – Montréal
$1,500 $1,175

*pricing do not include all travel costs, see descriptions for more information

June 15 – 17, 2019

Day 1 Depart from Ottawa and make your way to visit our first generating station stop, located on the historic and beautiful St. Lawrence River. After your tour, you will board your luxurious motor coach and travel along the scenic Thousand Island Parkway, where you will see bountiful forests along route, and pass through multiple small towns. Your day will end in Gananoque, a quaint town situated on the St. Lawrence shoreline. After a dinner cruise, you will settle in at an iconic vintage Inn.

Day 2 After a short drive to Jones Falls to view an energy facility, you will stop for a tea/coffee break at the infamous Hotel Kenny. The welcoming wraparound old porch makes it the ideal coffee break spot to stop and take in the nature surrounding the hotel. From there, you make your way to Kingston. After stopping for a brief lunch at a well-established restaurant that used to be Sir John A Macdonald’s Law office, you will carry on to your final stop of the day, Niagara Falls. You will stay in a downtown hotel, only minutes away from the falls.

Day 3 On the final day of this study tour, you will be taken to an Ontario Power Generating station, where you will get to tour different parts of the facility. After the tour, you will be driven into the picturesque area of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and be taken to a winery for a your and 3-course gourmet Lunch. This tour will end in Toronto.


  • Price includes all the entry fees to all wineries and activities
  • Does not include the following:
    • Breakfast day 1, 2
    • Dinner Day 2, 3
  • Tours are subject to change, if minimum number of delegates are not met

Tour ends at Toronto International Airport at 17:30 Monday June 17, 2019. Participants are responsible for the cost and booking of  their own travel and accommodations from this point onward

June 15-17, 2019

Day 1 Depart from Ottawa and you will begin your tour of the great North by driving through some of the most scenic routes along the Canadian Shield. Your first stop will be Val d’Or, Quebec, which is a historic mining district. You will visit the Canadian Malartic Mine tailings facility which is an upstream constructed dam (ultimate height 40 m) raised with filter compatible rockfill dykes. Thickened tailings are deposited around the perimeter and from internal waste rock inclusion causeways.   Ongoing research is being carried out at the facility with respect to co-disposal and co-placement of waste rock inclusions to improve strength of tailings. After the tour you will stop at a scenic park outlook with an overview of the open pit and the adjacent township. You will stay at a hotel in the heart of Val d’Or.

Day 2 From Val d’Or you will be driven to Timmins, Ontario, travelling along the famous Cadillac Fault, which hosts many of the richest mines. In Timmins you will visit Goldcorp’s Porcupine Gold Mine (PGM) Facilities. You will visit one of the longest operating gold mines in Canada (Dome Mine, operating since 1909) which has a large tailings facility with a number of different dam types containing the tailings.  PGM also has a number of closed mines in the Timmins area and you will visit one of the closed mines.  You will stay in a boutique Hotel and Spa and have the opportunity to dine in their private restaurant.

Day 3 Today you will make your way to Sudbury to visit Vale Canada’s Copper Cliff tailings management area, where mining operations have been going on for over a hundred years. The main tailings area is referred to as the R-Area which was commissioned in the 1980’s. The R-Area features upstream compacted tailings dams (ultimate height 425 m) with finger and toe drains. The tailings are acid generating and water is decanted (tower and outlet pipe in bedrock) to a pond with flow controlled with vacuum siphons for reclaim to the process plant. Surplus water is treated prior to discharge. After lunch take the rest of the afternoon to drive back to Toronto.


  • Price includes all the entry fees to all breweries, wineries and activities
  • Does not include the following:
    • Breakfast (all days)
    • Dinner Day 1, and 3
  • Tours are subject to change, if minimum number of delegates are not met

Tour ends at Toronto International Airport at 19:00 Monday, June 17, 2019. Participants are responsible for the cost and booking of  their own travel and accommodations from this point onward

June 16-18, 2019

Day 1 Once arriving independently in beautiful Vancouver, your guide will meet you at the Vancouver International airport and bring you to your luxurious bus. The first stop will be to Hell’s Gate. This popular tourism destination operates one of the steepest fully suspended trams in North America that carries you above the Cascade Mountain range and docks at the foot of the Coast Pacific Mountain Range.  You will board an Air Tram and get to see all the luscious scenery from above. After this ride, you will depart to Fort Berens Winery for a private tasting of their collection followed by a wine-paired culinary experience with an international Michelin star Chef. Your tour will then take you on a scenic drive through the Fraser Canyon with a roadside view of the Highland Valley Copper Mine enroute to your overnight  venue where you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy an escape from the city.

Day 2 This day will begin with a tour of the Highland Valley Copper Mine. This mine features a 165 m high centerline core compacted cyclone sand tailings dam, which is the highest in Canada. Preceding the tour, you stop for lunch at a classic “Truck Stop” for and then take a tour at the Copper Mountain Tailing Dams. From there we will travel back to the overnight resort for a relaxing evening, allowing guests to enjoy dinner at their leisure.

Day 3 The last day of this tour will begin with a tour of New Afton Gold Mine. Since the commencement of commercial production in 1977, this mine has produced 800,000+ ounces of gold and 850,000+ million pounds of copper.  After the mine tour, you will get to enjoy a taste some of the creations offered at Iron Road Brewing before boarding your bus as we make our way back to the Vancouver International Airport.


  • Price includes all the entry fees to all breweries, wineries and activities
  • Does not include the following:
    • Lunch Day 1
    • Dinner Day 2
  • Tours are subject to change, if minimum number of delegates are not met

The tour begins at 10:00 Sunday, June 16 at Vancouver International Airport. Participants are responsible for the cost and booking of their travel form Ottawa to Vancouver. They are also responsible for the booking and costs of their accommodations In Vancouver, if required, on Saturday June 15.  The tour ends at Vancouver International Airport at 17:00 Tuesday June 18, 2019. Participants are responsible for the cost and booking of  their own travel and accommodations from this point onward.

Suggested hotel for Saturday, June 15 (near airport) : Pacific Gateway Hotel

June 15-18, 2019

If complex technical projects, open spaces and nature’s beauty are on your list of things to do, then this technical tour is for you. The first stop on the tour will be the Beauharnois power station and the Québec Electricity Research Institute (IREQ) and will then continue with a flight to the Basse-Côte-Nord to discover the hydro-electric developments of the La Romaine complex including Romaine-2 – unique in North America for asphalt core structures, Romaine-3 which is more a classic design with a moraine core and Romaine-4 which is currently under construction. The tour will end with a visit to the Mingan Archipelago National Park, renowned for its majestic monoliths and seascapes. A tour rich in discovery and emotion.

Day 1 – June 15 – Beauharnois, IREQ and Old Montreal

08:30 Depart from Ottawa
Morning Visit of Beauharnois Power Station with experts
Lunch Included
Afternoon Visit of IREQ with experts (laboratory visit)
16:00 Arrival at hotel in Old Montreal
Evening Free time and dinner on own

Day 2 – June 16 – La Romaine 4

07:00 Depart for Airport and flight with breakfast to Havre St Pierre
Morning Travel time to La Romaine
Lunch Lunch in cafeteria at La Romaine Camp
Afternoon Visit of La Romaine 4
17:45 Check-in at Romaine 3 camp and dinner

Day 3 – June 17 – La Romaine 3 and 2

07:00 Breakfast
Morning Visit of La Romaine 3
Lunch Lunch in Cafeteria at Camp
Afternoon Visit of La Romaine 2
17:00 Depart for Havre St-Pierre
18:30 Check-in and dinner at the hotel

Day 4 – June 18 – Mingan Islands

07:00 Breakfast
Morning Activities at Mingan Islands
Lunch Included
Afternoon Flight from Havre St-Pierre to Montreal
16:00  Arrival at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)

June 15-17, 2019

This tour has been designed for those of you who want to not only visit technical sites, but also discover the rich beauty of Quebec. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Carillon hydro-electric development, the unique Quebec Electricity Research Institute (IREQ), the power station at Montmorency Falls Park, the Shawinigan power station located in heart of the city, the Cité de l’Énergie which will make your hair stand on end! Along the way, enjoy a cruise on the St. Lawrence River in the beautiful and scenic region of Charlevoix and maybe, catch a glimpse of a few whales. A rich tour in knowledge and beauty!

Day 1 – June 15 – Carillon, IREQ and Quebec

08:30 Depart from Ottawa
Morning Tour of Carillon power station
Lunch Carillon power station
Afternoon IREQ, tour and laboratory visit
15:30 Departure for Québec City
17:30 Check-in at hotel in Québec City, dinner on own

Day 2 –  June 16 – Chutes Montmorency and Whale Watching Nature Cruise

08:30 Depart Québec City
Morning Chutes Montmorency; see the Falls and tour of the old power plant
Lunch La Malbaie, Saguenay
Afternoon Travel time, nature cruise
19:30 Check-in and dinner at hotel in La Malbaie

Day 3 – June 17 – Shawinigan

08:00 Depart from La Malbaie
Morning Travel time
Lunch Trois-Rivières
Afternoon Shawinigan tour – “La Cité de l’Énergie”
17:00 Depart for Montréal
19:00 Arrive at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)