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Post Meeting Study Tours

Participants are encouraged to extend their stay in Canada as part of the post-conference study tours. These tours will include trips within Ontario, Québec and British Columbia in order to visit some of Canada’s most interesting dams, hydropower projects and mining sites over the course of 4 to 6 days. The Québec and Ontario tours will begin in Ottawa on Saturday morning, with Québec tours considering options for participants to explore some of Canada’s largest dams associated with the James Bay, La Romaine, Manic- Outardes hydro projects, as well as dams on the Saguenay and St. Maurice Rivers. The tours will also allow participants time to enjoy the sites of Québec City and Montreal from where participants will make their way home.

There will be two short tours in Ontario; one focusing on mine tailings facilities in Northern Ontario and a second tour visiting dams and hydropower sites in including stops along Canada’s historic Trent-Severn Waterway and the magnificent Niagara Falls. Both tours will terminate in Toronto.

For the more adventurous participants wishing to visit the splendors of Canada’s west coast and the Rocky Mountains, two tours are also planned to cover mining dams and hydropower sites in British Columbia. These tours will begin and end in Vancouver, with participants needing to make their own arrangements to be in Vancouver, Sunday June 16th.