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Technical Workshops

Full-day and half-day workshops will be presented on Friday, June 14, 2019, in collaboration with Canadian partner organizations and companies.

Workshops under consideration include the following:

  • Working with indigenous communities on hydropower development – Supported by Canadian Hydropower Association
  • Our climate in evolution: Reviewing and adapting dam design and water management operations – Supported by Ouranos
  • Reservoir-triggered seismicity and seismic phenomena induced by hydro-fracturing – With participation of scientists from the Geological Survey of Canada
  • Towards sustainable mining, governance of tailings dams, and risk management – Supported by the Mining Association of Canada
  • Tailings technologies and advances from research – Supported by the Canadian Geotechnical Society
  • Design and safe construction practices for dams and hydropower
  • Dam foundations: Preparation and supervision of works for embankment dams and other structures
  • Regulation of dams – modern approaches and common challenges